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The LINK lab. pursues research in next-generation networking technology at the Korea University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech). We are interested in distributed and self-organizing mechanisms to manage arbitrary networks through intelligent local actions of individual nodes/objects. Our current focus is on 1) self-organizing sensor networks to spontaneously create impromptu network, assemble the network themselves, dynamically adapt to device failure and degradation, manage movement of nodes, and react to changes in task and network requirements, 2) analysis on social networks configured by using node movement, communication patterns, friendship relation, etc., and apply the analysis results to enhance the efficiency of communication on various types of network, and 3) distributed mobility management in LTE/SAE and future Internet to scatter data traffic flows and signaling messages to the whole networks, if possible edge networks. The laboratory, LINK, will serve as a bridge between academia and industry, providing both state-of-the-art research and instruction. LINK lab. is currently being sponsored by Samsung Electronics, National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Knowledgement Economy, and ETRI.